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Fuss beauty – design for marketing 

Beauty marketing design

Client: Fuss

Sector: Beauty



An example of small business design for marking. Marketing Fuss beauty salon to help increase turnover in multiple locations.

Fuss Beauty was initially a small 2 day a week beauty salon based in a large North Bristol corporation offering services to the staff there. The owner of Fuss Beauty wanted to increase the number of her clients and to move to salon to her hometown in Chepstow.

To help with this we designed, built and optimised a website which gained pretty good listings on Google for the various treatments she offers in her area. The design was based on a new brand that I created, which included name generation. The ‘u’ in Fuss was turned into a smiley happy face to indicate the feeling that clients get when they have a beauty treatment at Fuss. To improve listings in Google, I designed a Facebook fan page to link to the website and strengthen it with likes, so far over 1200 and counting...

In support of the website, several other marketing elements were used to include: a referral discount card, an initial treatment discount card for the large number of armed forces personnel in the area. To follow on, 2 levels of brochures were produced, a mass marketing 8pp roll folded version with a low unit cost which was to be given out freely at various key locations in the area. And a luxury matte laminated 16pp version to be used for cross selling with existing and newly gained consumers.

The objective of Fuss Beauty has been fully achieved beyond all expectations and is trading very successfully in the area and now looking to expand further.