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ORX News – financial website design

Financial web design

Client: ORX

Sector: Financial



ORX News is an industry-leading provider of publicly reported operational risk loss data from around the globe. The service provides detailed timely reporting of operational risk loss events in financial services, including banking, insurance and asset management.

ORX collate data on behalf of their member banks on operational risk losses, they decided to extend their offering to it's member banks in the form of a news service that notifies users of breaking (and historical) operational risk losses. The site has a series of filters and alerts that subscribed users can use to narrow the market sector stories down. The site was built by IPL using the Miscrosoft Sharepoint Platform. Unfortunately I can't provide a link to the working site as it's totally secure, so unless you have €45k per annum to subscribe then I'm afraid it is invisible to the general public.