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Safeclean franchise design for marketing 


Client: Safeclean

Sector: Franchises



A UK wide franchise, Safeclean provide professional cleaning and care services for your carpets, upholstery and more.

After adding the Guardsman brand into the Safeclean logo to aid in brand trust from the 2.5 million existing Guardsman customers, it was decided to refresh all of Safeclean’s marketing collateral. To start with it was decided to visually demonstrate all of the cleaning services that they offer. A two pronged visual was created for use to show what they cleaned and how OR what they do and what on, so that they could be used whenever appropriate.

This transpired on to the main form of advertising, the van – which as Safeclean have loads of franchisees who are always on the road in residential neighbourhoods, then it is a pretty effective tool. Each van would be equipped with a series of leaflets demonstrating their services as a number of households tend to knock on the drivers door when undertaking jobs in an area. The second round is a series of advertising in local and national press using a series of templated classified adverts. Upon capture of clients, a database is held of all clients and jobs undertaken, these customers can be targeted with promotional postcards at key seasonal events related to cleaning (Spring or Xmas as an example) or when a certain time period of non activity is flagged up on the computer system.

Of course, Safeclean now has a database of over 2.8 million Guardsman customers who can also be targeted for their interest in keeping a clean home. Turnover is now rising.

After the success of the B2C campaign, Safeclean needed more franchisees to support the increased workload in areas not currently covered by a franchised unit.

In order to gain such employees, Safeclean needed us to design an exhibition stand to go in the National Franchise Exhibition at the NEC. The tone of the pitch was to ‘Clean up on profits without getting your hands dirty’ as this was thought best to describe the activities of a franchisee – i.e. they will not have to get down and dirty like traditional cleaning – this is only for stains, carpet cleaning etc.

The exhibition stand was supported by a brochure design that pointed out all of the feature and benefits of becoming a franchisee, including centrally generated work from day one. The Safeclean network of franchisees is running at a comfortable coverage now.