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Guardsman – design for marketing 

Insurance marketing design

Client: Guardsman

Sector: Insurance



Guardsman have been providing excellence in furniture care since 1915, offering furniture care protection plans available from furniture retailers (these are an underwritten insurance product for new furniture). These protection plan differ from other insurance products and warranties as it covers new furniture against accidents and is backed up by a network of stain removal specialists and repair experts.

With multiple objectives and aims, this series of marketing actions strung together with comparative ease. To start with, Guardsman wanted to attract the attention of independent furniture retailers on top of their lucrative multiple retailer contracts – this was done by targeted advertising about ‘stretching profits’ and appeared in relative trade journals, the call to action leading the retailers to call, email or visit a microsite landing page for further information on selling these plans for extra profit.

Once the extra retailers when captured, we devised a training manual/sales manual to inform the retailers of the benefits to the consumer and how the insurance plans work, enabling effective sell-in to what was an undersold bolt-on product. Together with a tailored series of consumer leaflets.

The consumer face of Guardsman is relatively unique as they are completely in-store within other retailers branded environments. In order to make effective sales, the retailer needs to be fully on-board with the insurance products and involved in the cross-sale. All furniture products have swing tags put on them to remind consumers that they could insure the appearance of their new furniture when making a purchase.

This is followed up by point-of-sale leaflets advertising Guardsman insurance policies at all sales counters within stores and are backed by informed sales staff (please see the B2B Success Manual in another entry in my marketing section). The point-of-sale leaflets are colour coded by product line to differentiate them. Retailers also have the opportunity to brand the Guardsman product as their own.

Guardsman furniture protection plans are now in 2.8 million UK homes and climbing...