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Exogear advertising design

iPhone advertising design


Sector: Mobile



Exogear manufactured rechargeable external batteries that gave the old iPhones that extra bit of power that they needed. This advert was designed to mimic the advertising style that Apple used at the time.

The exolife iPhone battery case is a sleek, protective exoskeleton for the iPhone 4/4s and is made by Exogear themselves. The lithium-ion polymer battery inside the exolife, virtually doubles the battery life of the iPhone 4 so one could talk, surf, watch and play longer. Exolife served two functions: Power and Protection. And there was no need to sacrifice the beauty of the iPhone with some clumsy looking case - the hardshell casing of the exolife wraps snugly around an iPhone, giving it maximum protection while enhancing the look and feel of the iPhone itself.