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Non-food packaging design

Non-food packaging design

Client: UBTECH

Sector: Technology



Welcome to the First Order. Take direct command of your own First Order Stormtrooper 'App'enabled Stormtrooper robot by UBTECH.

UBTECH made breakthroughs made in digital servos back in 2008 (a core part of making humanoid robots) and has been successfully building towards a mainstream company launch, which it did in 2012. Recently it launched an app enabled stormtrooper robot which we submitted packaging the designs for. The design of the packaging enables users to understand the new features of this robot, it has cutting-edge augmented reality experience, voice command capability, facial recognition to ward off intruders (like your pet dog), and it has patrolling capabilities to keep your living room area safe. Ubtech, in the future hopes to successfully develop consumer humanoid robots for the home, and businesses.