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Brochure design

Service: Brochure design

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Design Intellect have designed countless brochures over the years and can create a brochure that represents your brand and explains your values succinctly and creatively. Good brochure design inspires interest and is persuasive in enacting consumer response.

There is nothing more special in business communications than a beautifully memorable brochure design, our designs are meant to be a hard working part of your marketing communications palette, they can be a work of art, a portable advert that can be talked over, so well designed that they want to be kept, they can make a statement.

We can be creative with designs and formats, life doesn’t conform to A4 so why should your brochure. How about a design format to please all senses, as well as be visually engaging – brochures can be tactile and evoke emotions with alternative papers, print and finishing techniques.

We always love it when we get a brochure design come into the studio, they are always great to get one’s teeth into and stretch those creative legs, we like to visualise your companies story with visual metaphors that are compelling and relevant to your target audience, something memorable.

We can work on small promotional leaflets right up to large annual reports and catalogues. We can take you through every stage of your brochure design process, from brief to concept visuals, the design development and final artwork to inspire target audiences reactions.